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20 years together

Eric Aside
It’s my 20th Wedding Anniversary. My wife and I are celebrating in the San Francisco Bay area, where we first started living together a few blinks of an eye ago. We’ll watch a ball game, see some sites, and visit Tesla Motors to check out a model of the sedan we ordered.

Long time readers know that I ordered a Tesla Roadster years ago as part of my mid-life self-indulgence. It arrived in March this year and I am so loving it. It’s a great car and a lot of fun to drive. My wife and I have been so impressed by Tesla’s nearly flawless delivery of this v1.0 car that we immediately put money down on a sedan for her. Good times.

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  1. broker6001 broker6001


    Sound like you had a great time in San Francisco

    I love that town


  2. Gordon Goldberg Gordon Goldberg

    Very very cool 🙂  I hope Karen enjoys it!

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