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Welcome to the new home of I.M. Wright’s Hard Code

I.M. Wright’s Hard Code has moved to what hopefully will be its final home:

Its new location includes every Hard Code column I’ve written, including the very first ones that appeared in Interface webzine. I’ve also fixed the links between columns and recovered the original I.M. Wright photos at the start of each column.

I can now control the entire look and feel of the site, so please send me your suggested improvements.

For you history buffs, this is Hard Code’s sixth move.

Start date Location Columns
June 2001 http://mste/interface 16
April 2004 http://eeg/EEResources/JobSkills/Development 27
November 2006 http://msblogs/hardcode 6
September 2007 31
June 2010 64
April 2016 23
August 2018 ?

Enjoy, and thank you for your readership!

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