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No column for June – Preparing for annual internal engineering event

Eric Aside

I’m taking June off to prepare for the annual event my organization runs internally for Microsoft engineers. (Not a Microsoft engineer? We can fix that.) This year the event is five days focused on various themes for improving engineers and engineering at the company. We’ve got one day focused on product quality, another day on software plus services, two days on design, and a day on security and privacy. Mixed in are sub-themes on innovation, environmental sustainability, project management, build and lab management, and talent and teams. It should be a great week!

We’re taking some risks this year by making the event activity-based rather than lecture-based. Hands-on activities are more engaging and memorable, resulting in gaining real skills rather than “awareness.” Mr. Wright could write a whole column on the abysmal absurdity of “awareness.”

I. M. Wright will return next month with a column on whatever inane ignorant idiocy he encounters this month.

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